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Our History

Our History

Our History


Smith & Norland, located in Reykjavík, Iceland, has a rich history dating back to 1920. It was founded by Paul Smith as an import and wholesaling company specializing in electrical and communications equipment.

Soon after its establishment, Paul Smith formed a business partnership with Siemens, a German company. Since then, Siemens has been the primary supplier and the driving force behind Smith & Norland's success.

Smith & Norland

In 1954, Mr. Sverrir Norland, an electrical engineer who graduated from MIT in Boston, joined the company. In 1956, he and Paul Smith formed Smith & Norland Ltd. Mr. Norland assumed the role of director/CEO of the company that same year, a position he held for an impressive 51 years until his passing in 2007 at the age of 80.

In 1974, Smith & Norland relocated to their own premises at Nóatún 4 in Reykjavik. Today, Smith & Norland enjoys a strong reputation as the representative of Siemens in Iceland, as well as representing several other reputable companies from countries such as Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, England, Spain, Italy, and the USA.

The Business

Smith & Norland specializes in importing, selling, and servicing a wide range of electrical equipment. Their expertise covers building technology and installations, industrial automation, energy transmission and distribution, power plants, lighting, communication, mobility, and home appliances, among others.

Their customer base includes electrical contractors, power companies, public sector organizations, and companies from diverse industry fields. Additionally, they serve the general public, providing solutions tailored to their specific needs.

The Present

As of 2023, Smith & Norland employs approximately 40 individuals, many of whom hold degrees as electrical engineers, technicians, and electricians.

Smith & Norland is located in its own dedicated premises at Nóatún 4. The facility comprises offices, a household appliance store, an aftersales service department, wholesale facilities, meeting and lecture rooms, as well as warehouses.